A Meaningful Life

In the lifestyle of eating, working and sleeping, our basic purpose blurs in the fast pace of our life. In the necessity to keep cramming the material wealth, we find a sense of status in our existence. Yet, the doubt persists whether we are really living a meaningful life.  


Not finding a meaning in the act of living can  affect our mental health in harmful ways. First and foremost, it is completely normal to question your existence, to have thoughts about your place in the world. Yet it is important to note that the population that has felt existential crisis has been increasing over the years, and the portion of the population who are able to overcome it is reducing over time. If life does not bring meaning, it can lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. 


Life holds different meanings for different people, some may find the purpose of their lives in the same rush of their world while others look for a perspective away from it. Yet, the concept of meaningfulness adds a value that gives us the strength to straighten our backs and welcome the dynamic day with a positive attitude. 


Meaningfulness is the secret ingredient in the curry of life. It does not give you all the answers that you have been looking for in life but it does provide you a more confident and smoother path on your way to find answers. A Meaningful life brings worth in the living. 


When children are taught to look beyond what is presented to them, to think and find meaning, they will realise the importance of having a meaninging in life. A Meaningful life begins when there is more relevance towards the Mindfulness of  thoughts and emotions. 


It is important that this is started young, it saves  years of the dreaded existential crisis when an individual knows where to grasp their meaning for life. Mindfulness practices create an environment which feels more welcoming. When relevance is given to  Emotional Wellbeing in the spaces of classrooms, it makes it easier for the young ones to grasp the ideology of having a life which is meaningful. 


Meaningfulness does not simply mean finding a  purpose but it is leading a life which is Compassionate, where an individual knows that acts of kindness and Mindfulness in thoughts gives meaning not just in their life but also in the life of the people around, in the world. 


When a child is welcomed in the world with hands full of colours to fill their souls with instead of  the jotted down rigid codes of conduct that tells them how to live their life, they gain a sense of autonomy  over their emotions, they learn Mindfulness in actions, emotions and thoughts. 


The practice of Mindfulness gives meaning to life. When an individual knows that there is meaning to their breaths, they will live each day with a more confident and positive outlook.