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Our mission is inspired by the suffering of millions of people around the world. We are committed to end loneliness from people’s lives globally.

A compassionate buddy is all of the following:

  • Compassionate & Non-Judgmental Friend
  • A Psychologist by Education & Experience
  • Mindfulness practitioner & teacher
  • Trained Mindful Listener
  • Trained to help people with emotional challenges

Similar to many, our friend’s plate might also be full. Compassionate Buddy is a friend who is dedicated to be there to listen to you and help you. Unlike a lot of people in our lives, Compassionate Buddy’s are non-judgmental, trained professionals and have an innate sense of compassion and unconditional positive regard.
Imagine having a bad day, a conflict with a spouse, friend or a loved one. During such overwhelming experience, we need someone to hear our side of the story without judgments. In such situations, we may end up opening our vulnerable side to people who might judge us, or even take advantage of our vulnerability. A Compassionate Buddy does none of that, instead helps you manage such overwhelming experiences and think rationally. Expressing emotions is an innate human need, the luxury to express them in a compassionate, non-judgmental and confidential space is limited to only a few.
Compassionate Buddy can be available over audio, video or text messages, as preferred by the participant. Facetime, iMessage, Google meet, Telegram, Whatsapp & Zoom are some of the available modes of communication.
Every user gets upto 3 hours a week one to one time and may choose to connect with the Compassionate Buddy everyday. However there is no hard limitation for the time you may need in certain situations.
Fairly during the day and working hours.
The mission will be an on going for life. But there is no commitment we ask for. You can be a member for as long as you wish to.
  • Get exclusive support to get over loneliness, Fear of uncertainty, manage Anxiety, Depression and daily life struggles.
  • Users will have access to a dedicated Compassionate Buddy.
  • Guided sessions and personalised resources for emotional awareness, regulation and expression.
  • Practice self awareness in daily life and find calm even in overwhelming situations.
  • Learn to manage overwhelming emotional experiences on their own.
  • Experience a blissful non-judgmental and compassionate space in life knowing someone is always* there for you.

All adults of any gender or location can subscribe.

*We do not discriminate against any religion, cast, gender, sexual orientation, race, political & religious views while onboarding users.

Yes, although we would be happy to discuss any challenges you might be facing and try to resolve them for you. In any case you can choose to cancel.

Absolutely not! We respect everyone’s views and appreciate the respect towards other people’s views. One of the fundamental values we have is to hold no judgments.

To protect your personal information and rights to privacy as well as the rights of each Compassionate Buddy & also to protect the organization’s intellectual properties.

To make every individual’s experience personal, to respect one’s lifestyle, beliefs and to make a positive impact in one’s life we ask for certain details like age, city & country of residence etc. A user is free to share as little or as much as he/she is willing to share. The aim is to create a space for you to open up and share. We promise 100% privacy and confidentiality. 

The information will be stored on a safe and secure remote server. None of the information is stored locally and is not accessible to anyone outside the organization.

No. We only need basic information such as name, age gender, email & contact number. You may choose to use only first name or a fictious name.

The data will be used to help the users with their emotional wellbeing goals, to measure the impact, to understand and share resources that work for you.

Through self expression, discussion with a compassionate buddy & our proprietary assessment metrics.

 You are welcome to learn whatever you wish to and what the buddy can teach.

No. None of the resources intend to influence your religious, spiritual or political views.

No. All Compassionate Buddy’ undergo the same training and share same character traits and yet have a unique personality. Still if you are not happy with your assigned buddy, we would be happy to help and reassign a new buddy if required.

On your request, we can permanently delete all your data. In any case we don’t collect personal or key identifier data.

At any given time, our utmost priority is your wellbeing and the wellbeing of our Compassionate Buddy’s. In an event of a conflict, we will do our best to resolve it amicably. If you still choose to have a different Compassionate Buddy, we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Our legal agreement binds all Compassionate Buddies to respect the code of conduct. In an event if violation of the code of conduct, we will indeed do a thorough investigation and immediately take necessary actions. You will be notified of the updates too.

Each Compassionate Buddy is shortlisted after a rigorous assessment of their character, values and skills. The persona and credibility is mentioned in the question”Who is a Compassionate Buddy?”

Beyond basic information, you may choose to share what you are comfortable with.

Yes. You may invite people who align with our values and who might benefit from the service.

You will be assigned a dedicated SOS contact number and a back up resource only reserved for emergency situations.

Any situation where you feel uncomfortable, experience overwhelming emotions and feel the urgent need to share or talk to somebody. Please note that any situation where the user has thoughts of self harm or harm to others in any way will be considered critical. In such circumstances, users should contact their respective country’s designated helplines such as 988 for United States, 1-833-456-4566 for Canada and 13 11 14 or 000.

Even though the Compassionate Buddy may be a licensed Counselling or Clinical Psychologist, we do not claim that they are licensed to offer their services in your country. This is a preventive service. Any mental health related issues that is clinically diagnosed and needs professional intervention must be consulted with a licensed Psychologist in your country.

Yes, part of their training needs them to be culturally, religiously and spiritually sensitive. Respecting your views, ideologies is always one of our top priorities.

We may request you to share your experience with us in order to improve the service for others. We may also seek your consent to publicly share your experience. 

No, we do not ask for identifiable details. You may voluntarily choose to share your social media profiles if you wish to.

You data is kept confidential at all times even in the event of a buddy leaving Antaha. They are bound by the legal agreement to never share your information.

Yes. You can write to hello@mindfulsouls.org and request us to delete all your data. A confirmation email upon deletion will be sent to you.

In normal conditions, we do not record audio/video conversations. We only record the conversations when we feel necessary or are required by the law of your country such as the user’s abusive or threatening behaviour including self harm or harm to others. In any case we will notify if the conversation is being recorded.

Depending on your location, You may request to meet your buddy in person for support.

We do not impose any practice or technique that you do not wish to learn or practice. It will only be our recommendation.

Our mission is to positively impact one billion lives worldwide affected by loneliness and its mental health consequences.

Our team and most of our Compassionate Buddies are based in the mystic land of India. But we also have buddies from United States, Canada & Australia.

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