A Mindful Day

A Mindful Day

How often have you heard someone use the words exhausted, burnt out, stressed, just done with everything, overworked? These have become a part of our daily life. Every second person is anxious, tired, stressed and that is sole because we try to accomplish way too many things at the same time. However, if we try to focus on the moment and give the best to whatever we are doing, whether it is something as simple as having a cup of coffee or going for a walk, our mind tends to clear up. This simple practice is known as being mindful. And this has an impact on our overall wellbeing. Some simple ways of living a mindful day are:

Slow down – The first step towards a mindful day is to slow down. To mindfully take every step and focus on every action.

Focus on what you are doing – Pay attention to everything that you do, from brushing your teeth, taking a shower, to what you eat, who you talk to, and so on. 

Breathe consciously – Our breath is our life force. Focusing on this calms us down. Breathe mindfully, focus on each breath and how it makes you feel. 

Go out for a walk – Stepping outside, away from all the technological distractions can help us focus on the things that matter. Also, research has established that spending time in a garden or a park where we are surrounded by nature can help in relieving stress. 

Accept your feelings – Being mindful does not mean that you have to be happy all the time. It simply implies accepting how you feel.  This can help in developing a healthy attitude towards things that may not necessarily bring us happiness. 

As human beings, we are wired to want more, from ourselves, our day, the people around us… but sadly, that is what leads to us being dissatisfied. To lead a content life, we don’t need it all, we need to learn to be contented with what we have, at that moment. And this is what being mindful is, to be present where you are, to be at peace where you are…

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