Mr. Ashok Munne: The Ambassador In Our Joyful Journey

If grit and perseverance could be personified in a person, Mr. Ashok Munne would be the ideal candidate for it. Words fall short when one attempts to describe the various skill sets of Mr. Munne – a para-athlete, mountaineer, an expert paraglider, a scuba diver, a marathon runner, a black belt in martial arts, a […]

In The Age Of Stress

There was once an age when youth and childhood were associated with frivolities, sentimentalism, and affection. In today’s ever changing society, the thought of associating a  carefree attitude to our young ones will make us worry, wonder if the new generation is headed in the right direction and whether we are able to prepare them […]

The Aid of Mindfulness in an Educator’s Life

Mindfulness in the life of an educator goes a longer way than one would expect.  A teacher’s life is filled with schedules and class that leaves an ironically yet unsurprisingly chaotic mess by the end of the day. You have to prepare lesson plans, teach students, try to maintain decorum and enthusiasm at the same […]

Mapping Happiness

When Arun picked up his eight year old daughter Diya from her dance practice, he noticed she was playfully rehearsing a few of her dance steps, it brought a smile to his face seeing how diligent the little one was to get the moves right.   He casually asked her, “Why do you love to dance […]

A Meaningful Life

In the lifestyle of eating, working and sleeping, our basic purpose blurs in the fast pace of our life. In the necessity to keep cramming the material wealth, we find a sense of status in our existence. Yet, the doubt persists whether we are really living a meaningful life.     Not finding a meaning in […]

Emotional Well-Being Over Everything

Emotional wellness or Emotional Well-Being, refers to a person’s ability to cope with their emotions and the many life experiences they face. It is an important component of holistic wellness since it can affect your attitude on life, relationships, and health. It is critical to look after your emotional health. You can manage the numerous […]

The Neglected Lot of Our Educators

In our Indian Culture, there is a popular saying which can be roughly translated into English as – The teacher is next only  to God. This only goes to show the respect that teachers once commanded in our society. However, of late, things have been quite a mess when it comes to paying teachers and […]

Relevance Of Whys In Character Education

“You should not lie.” This is one of the primary moral lessons that has often been instilled in a child. We teach our children that it is bad if they lie, even go as far as telling them that they will be punished if they lie.  The child may grow up, imbibing the value and […]

Emotional Health of Kids – An Essential Priority

It is an indisputable fact that today, kids are smarter and sharper than those of the previous generation. They seem to be great learners when it comes to electrical gadgets which even baffle adults sometimes. But, when it comes to qualities like being kind to one self, being patient with oneself – they seem to […]

A Mindful Day for Mothers

What is the first thought that comes to your mind before even leaving the bed? If you’re a parent, it’s centered on the whole day of your child. Getting him ready for school, making breakfast, packing lunch, ensuring he boards the bus on time and you’re on a spiral already. Once you put your plans […]