The Aid Of Mindfulness For People With ADHD

Attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a mental disorder that is often diagnosed in the span of ages 3 years to 17 years.  It is an illness which can be managed as well as cured with the right kind of assistance and facilitation.   ADHD is often categorised as a neurodevelopmental disorder where a person […]

The Oyster Of Creativity

As a child, the world is our oyster.  We have our perspectives of the way things are, use the vibrancy of colours on every little thing we can get our hands on and for the most part, we colour the world through our eyes. We could care less about living by following what reality expects […]

Our Contribution To Our Society

As a human, it is our right to be nurtured by the resources endowed upon us by nature and the world around us.  We may not always have the best of experiences and life may sometimes make you believe that the world can be a cruel place. Yet, there are times in life when you […]

The Sound Around Us

Everything we hear has an impact on us, whether it is voluntary or involuntary. It is often said to always be Aware of the sounds around you, about the words that are spoken and speak with equal Mindfulness.  A student who is constantly surrounded by loud roommates, nearing deadlines, a chaotic canteen and travels through […]

The Definition Of Life

How many people out there can truly say that they have lived their lives for themselves? Since the day we are born, we have been followed by the hopeful eyes of our loved ones wherever we go. We carry their expectations in the pocket of our shirts as we fix our neckties to leave for […]

A Successful Journey

To achieve anything in life, from getting that perfect A on a test to being good at a skill like singing, requires a lot of dedication to be good at something.  Like a singer who reached the peak of a singer who sings soulful tunes, everyone watches with awe at them for getting there, they […]

Well-being Guide: A Helper In Your Journey Of Life

Mindful Souls is an organization where our team researches, acts and finds ways that ensure Emotional Well-being for every soul with the resources of Mindfulness to the best use.   With this perspective in mind, we introduce you to the Well-being Guide who will be available to everyone who takes part in our Mindful retreats or […]

Breathe in. Breathe out.

This process is what we do irrespective of how Aware we are about it or not. Yet the Awareness that this simple breathing can provide one with is all that is needed for a Joyful life.  There are moments in life that make one’s head throb and no one wants to be a part of […]

Our Youth And Materialism

“If I buy one more thing I will be motivated to go on.”  At some point in time, we all have had certain thoughts along these lines. Spending it over our frivolous years of youth because with certainty we have come to believe in the unpredictability of the youthful years.  We have settled to squandering […]

Are The Educators Over-stressed?

Ms Ritu is a middle school teacher, the class teacher for a classroom of forty-two students and a Maths teacher for five different classes.  In the exam season, she also grades papers for classes she didn’t teach because there aren’t enough teachers in the school.  She spends her whole day teaching one class to another, […]