Character Education, Strength in Itself

Character Education, Strength in Itself

Can character education be done without? Is academic intelligence enough for a happy and contented life? The answer is no… 

As institutions focus on academic achievement and excellence and parents become busier juggling their work and home life, character education has been swept to the background. Considering that the emotional wellbeing of children is imperative to raise happy, contended individuals, there is a dire need for character education. Character in a way is the essence of who we are and it includes all our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. Building on this character, or in other words, character education can help a person to stay grounded and rooted. It goes a long way in helping a person find solace when facing difficulties and can act as a well of strength. It has an impact on every aspect of a person’s life. 

As parents and teachers, we play an important role in the character education of a child. And it is important for us to understand the value of this education so that we can ensure that we lay as much emphasis or more than what we do on academic achievement. 

Leads to the overall growth

Character education forms the basis of a child’s overall development. It is the foundation of traits such as self-esteem, confidence, courage, resilience, and integrity. These traits are pre-requisites for emotional well-being and the stepping stones for success. 

Encourages lifelong learning

Character education lays the foundation for lifelong learning by ensuring that children have a stable foundation that they can build upon. Schools that focus on character education report an improvement in academic performance. It has also been observed that traits like diligence, patience, honesty, and self-regulation ensure that a child is willing to learn and exhibits higher interest. 

Develops relationships 

A good character is the foundation of all relationships. Parents who invest time and energy in character education observe that their children are happier, more caring, and more forgiving. They know how to work in a team, cooperate with each other, and are more accepting. 

In order to thrive in life, building character strength is imperative. Not only does that ensure that a child will have the ability to build the skill set for success but also ensures that he or she will have the emotional stability to see things through.  

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Author: Latika Sakhuja