Emotional Health of Kids – An Essential Priority

It is an indisputable fact that today, kids are smarter and sharper than those of the previous generation. They seem to be great learners when it comes to electrical gadgets which even baffle adults sometimes. But, when it comes to qualities like being kind to one self, being patient with oneself – they seem to struggle quite a bit. This dilemma is quite natural because Kids tend to follow and copy how adults behave as a way of learning and if Adults do not show Kindness and Patience to their own selves and others, Kids pick up on it and behave in the same manner.

In today’s world, emotional crises are at their peak and more such crises are in the making if we do not take action and address the importance of inculcating Emotional Intelligence and Self-Love in kids not just through Moral Science lectures but also through practical sessions of the same. A world where kids are taught how to manage their emotions and be kind to themselves will be a world where more people will manifest kindness through their actions, words and thoughts.

Daily Mindfulness, Meditation coupled with yogic practices and Asanas that enhance the flow of creativity in the body can be taught to kids in schools. We should start as early as possible when it comes to Mindfulness based activities. Mindfulness can be understood simply as the modern term for awareness.

When we teach a whole generation of kids to be mindful of their words, thoughts and actions, we are giving to the world a happier generation. A generation of kids who love themselves and practice kindness and patience towards themselves have the potential to transform this world to paradise.

We need to teach kids when they are fairly young that their Emotional Health is important and that it matters a lot more than how many As they achieve in their report cards. Report cards can always be improved, but it is extremely essential that young children today understand that their report cards will not help them in sailing through the rough patches of their lives when their emotions overwhelm them. It is imperative that Kids do not move away from things that bring them joy in the race to fit into society’s idea of “success”.

The importance of self-care, self-love, emotional intelligence and emotional management cannot be overstated when it comes to young kids. Our education system is adept at churning out competent professionals excelling in their respective careers but when it comes to managing our emotional health, we do not have a clue where to even begin to address the elephant in the room.

It is high time we accept that we have emotional crises at our door and the foremost step is to catch the kids when they are young and teach them various practices based on mindfulness for actualizing the potential of a better and more harmonious world.

This can be done in schools via teaching mindfulness based curriculums and thereby training kids to be better suited to the potential adversities of Life. Mindful souls is one such organization that aims to develop character, compassion and integrity in every child.

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