How Mindfulness builds character?

Lit up the Character

The foundation for our character is laid even before we know it. It starts with all that we observe around us and we inculcate all the traits and virtues that appeal to us and also some that don’t. Children start their school life at an early age, some even before they learn to talk. Therefore, what they see and how they are treated in the classroom is bound to have a huge impact on the people that they become. At this stage, encouraging mindfulness would lay down the path for a lifetime of self-awareness and compassion. 

Practicing what we are born with

The innate virtues that human beings are born with are care, love, and compassion. The purest forms of these can be seen in children. As life moves on, children grow older, and these virtues take a back seat and life takes over. This is large because no one talks about, acknowledges, or encourages the practice of these virtues. However, if children are made to practice mindfulness in the classroom these virtues would inherently become stronger. And before they realize it, these would be ingrained into their character.

Know ourselves better 

Mindfulness creates self-awareness. It teaches us to live in the present. Practicing mindfulness in the classroom can help children to understand who they are, their emotions, the emotions that they want to be associated with, and can teach them the importance of being compassionate. Compassion begins with oneself. If a person does not practice self-compassion, he or she cannot be compassionate about others. Therefore, mindfulness does not only imply caring only about others but also about oneself.

Awareness of all that is around

Children who practice mindfulness are more aware of their surroundings, they know how to live in the present. Furthermore, because of the increased awareness about themselves, they are quicker in owning their mistakes. And this also makes them more forgiving. They can empathize with others and are considerate and available. This also helps them to build stronger relationships. And this creates a ripple effect, compassionate children teach compassion through their actions and behavior, and the more others are exposed to this, the stronger are the chances that they will adopt this virtue too. 

Classrooms are full of boundless energy and mindfulness is like a flashlight, wherever you point it, the place lights up. Imagine lighting up a classroom with compassion, imagine lighting up a classroom with care, imagine the possibilities of what this can achieve…


Author: Latika Sakhuja & Sitender Sehrawat