How Does Mindfulness Helps To Build Character in Class?

Why we teach kids that schools are the most essential part of life? Why we give education so much importance? Maybe because the core idea of education is to nourish a growing mind with wisdom instead of knowledge and build a strong character. But with passing time it seems we are forgetting the main objective of being educated. Every child is different so are their dreams and level of understanding. We are completely oblivious to their true gifts and little dreams but focusing on their ability to score grades. How relevant is that?

What are we lacking?

We are simply handing over them a pile of books to learn from without giving them a glimpse of what is learning in the first place. In earlier times too we had an education system that helped individuals to focus on building wisdom by focusing on educating their heart. They were taught to be self-reliant and understand the meaning of education. Whereas in today’s time kids are more involved in smartphone gaming, social media ruckus, etc. We’re teaching children to be skilled, productive social instruments. Minus the skills from their personality and they are meaningless. If this was the goal, machines and robots will outperform us every time. What we need to be teaching is a character, meaning of education, compassion for social innovation.

How does Mindfulness help?

Teaching Mindfulness helps the kids to learn with objective, become aware of their selves and develop a compassionate character. Combine the wisdom with compassion and what we have is a “Noble human being.” Mindfulness-based exercises involve sharing a situation in class and asking the individual what they feel or understand about themselves, the world around them, their peers, and nature. Such activities allow individuals to look inside and think about what they feel and how they feel in a particular situation. Having communication in class introduces them to various mindsets and help them to become a better listener.

There is no such thing as overnight character change it is a process so is Mindfulness. Practicing and application of mindful thoughts and activities can help a child in many ways. Educating children is not just about learning from books it’s also about building a strong foundation. To help every child capable of learning, understand, and apply their education in real life in the right way. Be more aware of themselves and more compassionate about others.

Author: Latika Sakhuja & Sitender Sehrawat