Mr. Ajay Sharma- Principal DPS Indore

On a nationwide campaign where our team is traveling and connecting with eminent leaders who are making a difference in the field of education, we met with the Principal of DPS Indore, Mr. Ajay K Sharma. It. was indeed a profound conversation. During our discussion, Mr. Sharma told us about the various kinds of approaches that they as a school are using to get in touch with the parents and students through this pandemic. Mr. Sharma shared how the school has been in continuous contact with parents via WhatsApp groups and phone calls. In addition, they have a school pad software which is a great tool to stay connected with parents while children are unable to come to school.

Under his leadership, the work during the pandemic has ensured that there is no barrier to learning. The school initiated PTM meetings on zoom, orientation calls with parents, with the involvement of children, teachers, and the counselor. Mr. Sharma spoke about the times being better and about how the school is encouraging children to come for physical classes. Presently the school offers a blended model with some students coming to school and some opting for online classes. The in-school attendance is getting becoming better day by day. Mr. Sharma has actively spoken to students and encouraged them to come to school so that they do not miss out on the activities their classmates are taking part in.

They have been working on the overall development of the child even during the pandemic. The school has been conducting Model United Nation conferences, the children have been doing social service, charity, and various fundraisers. Mr. Sharma strongly believes that when the character building of a child is given importance then the kid automatically does well in academics. As an educator, Mr. Sharma has always maintained that children should follow their passion and that ensures improved academic performance. Once children are entrusted with accountability and responsibility for their own learning along with the freedom to pursue their passion, their performance can surpass even our own expectations.

It is inspiring to see visionary leaders like Mr. Sharma work dedicatedly towards the overall wellbeing of not only students but teachers and the staff. The idea of community service, helping children to develop leadership abilities has been a landmark example. We were pleased to meet such a trailblazing leader who truly fits in with our mission “Creating A World That Cares.”

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