Mrs. Niti Dhami- Principal The Shri Ram Universal School, Hisar

On our global campaign to create a world that cares, we are connecting with eminent leaders who care about the child’s emotional wellbeing, building compassion and character. On our journey, we met Ms.Niti Dhami, the principal of The Shri Ram Universal School, Hisar. We had an insightful discussion with her where she spoke about the different techniques she uses and how she was able to manage things in the last 18-20 months. We had a discussion about how Yoga and meditation are important to them, and that they begin each day with 3 minutes of meditation or Om Chanting. Even at the online school, it continued.

Ms.Dhami mentioned how supportive the top leaders of the school are. Because every city’s culture is different, the principals of all 45 Shri schools are given the liberty to lead whatever the community needs. She was granted unrestricted authority to make decisions for the school even during the pandemic, allowing her to focus on what works best for the school.

The child’s well-being and character education take precedence at The Shri Ram Universal School, followed by academics. Integrity, sensitivity, empathy, and the joy of giving are among their core values. They have a one-of-a-kind curriculum in which they strive to instill these core values in students. Children are taught to be sensitive to the environment and to other people. They’ve been doing community service and distributing assistance to those in need. When a new teacher or staff member joins the school, they are taught to greet everyone with Namaste and humbleness. Teachers are welcomed with cultural greetings. They foster an environment in which children understand the significance of these core values. Ms. Dhami believes that one’s core value should be the pursuit for excellence. One should give their 100% in what they do.

Parents come to express their support for the values imparted in their children by the school. Their primary value is pride in one’s own heritage, which is something that parents are looking for. She also spoke about that 60% of parents are concerned about their children’s mental health, whereas just 40% are concerned about their children’s grades. Every staff member is given an equal chance to do what has to be done in school since, on a platform where everyone is given an equal chance, staff members feel like they belong to the school. She concluded with a quote from Robin Sharma, “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality”.  We were delighted to meet her and happy to see how her school’s core values align with Mindful Souls mission.