Navigating Life With Gratitude

Life does not come with a manual. Most of the time when we are navigating through life and the relationships that we are either born into or make along the way, we may tend to take them for granted. 

 We wake up every morning, ready to go on with our day and in this haze of surviving, it may never cross our mind that this existence itself is a miracle in the first place. 

The greatest miracle of all in life is the miracle of Gratitude. Gratitude goes a long way in the journey we take. It makes life worth living and not simply about survival. 

When you are grateful for the life you have, for the people that make efforts and for the blessings you daily receive, you would notice that your life will be elevated for the better. 

Gratitude attracts the kind of things in your life that make it more positive and Joyful. 

Yet, Gratitude in human nature is not an instantaneous attitude of adults. It is the years and years of inculcation of this value for adults to improve their lives. 

Gratitude when inculcated young has a much greater impact.  It is not about teaching your child to say “Thank you” when someone offers them help or a gift, but it is about teaching your child the significance of this “Thank you.” 

Mindfulness is embedded in the reasons for the good manners a child learns. Gratitude forms the core of one’s life. 

Gratitude for life has also become the fuel for us to push through life with vigour and vision to guide our life and the world around us for the things that matter, that are right and Mindful. Gratitude does not exclusively include our gratefulness for our life or our relationships, gratitude for the environment holds even greater value. 

Nature has suffered horrendously, with the pollution and the deteriorating conditions of its growth. Our world would be unlivable for our species in time to come, it has already become a reality with the pandemic we had not been prepared for and the natural disasters that have become more frequent than they had been earlier. The origin of these sufferings can take us back to the issue of humans living solely for themselves, the selfishness and the lack of Gratitude for the resources our Nature provides. 

With the practice of Gratitude in action as well as its inculcation in our mindsets, we promise not just a better and more fulfilling life for ourselves but for the generations and the environment that will live beyond. 

Educate your children on the value of Gratitude, it can transform their lives into lives fulfilled with Awareness and Joy.