The Mindful Teacher’s Path

There is no question about the role that a teacher plays in the life of a child. However, what happens if it isn’t just a teacher but a mindful teacher? Read on to know more. 

There are some experiences in life that leave a mark forever, and these are often related to the formative years in our life. At this stage we interact with a lot of people, however, teachers have a strong influence on the path that we take in life. Not only do they foster our love for learning, they also contribute to the development of our character. At this stage, having a mindful teacher could completely change the experience that a child has and would leave an undeniable mark. Some ways in which a mindful teacher makes a difference are as follows: 

A Mindful Environment

A mindful teacher has the ability to treat every child as a separate and unique individual. The teacher fosters an environment of mindfulness and compassion where every child is treated mindfully and can focus on every child as an important human who has his or her own thoughts and beliefs. Children, like adults, perform best when they believe that they are valued and love, a mindful teacher has the ability to make each child feel special. 

Task Focused

A mindful teacher understands the importance of being present and focusing on the task in hand. He or she has the ability to shut out other responsibilities and can focus on the learning that needs to be delivered at that very moment. This implies that the person is involved and immersed in what is being done. This not only has an impact on their performance but also on the students, who realize the importance of focusing on what is being done. 

Separate the individual and the performance

A mindful teacher realizes that the individual and his or her performance are two separate entities. He or she has the ability to distinguish between the two and react accordingly.  Children are made differently and their performance in class is dependent on various factors. These teachers do not base their opinion and attitude towards a child using the yardstick of performance. Therefore, the minute a task is over, they move onto the next with a fresh slate.

A mindful teacher brings a lot to the classroom and has a huge impact on the mindset of children. Their influence on a child is way beyond the classroom and actually spreads into their life in the following years and beyond. There is a dire need for mindful teachers and a need for parents to recognize the role that a mindful teacher can play.