The Sound Around Us

Everything we hear has an impact on us, whether it is voluntary or involuntary. It is often said to always be Aware of the sounds around you, about the words that are spoken and speak with equal Mindfulness. 

A student who is constantly surrounded by loud roommates, nearing deadlines, a chaotic canteen and travels through the bustling traffic cannot be expected to be in the best of his emotional health. 

Yet, a student who is given the space he needs for himself, has the silence to reflect within and uses the words and sounds around him to the best of his ability will live a more fulfilled, calm and healthy life. 

Noise is not good for our Emotional Well-being. Noise amounts to one of the many forms of pollution that are faced by every individual. Noise pollution not only threatens your peace but also poses danger to our health. Our sense of hearing can be impaired if we are exposed to loud noises or music for a long period, and high blood pressure can also be caused by noise pollution. 

Not everyone has the luxury to be in control of their surroundings. A lot of the time, we have to accommodate according to the things that happen in our environment. We cannot always refrain from the harmful words we hear or the chaos that threatens our Emotional Well-being. 

Instead of wasting our time and energy on things we cannot control, we need to focus our energies on ourselves. The things that we can transform are our minds and perspectives, offering them the peaceful space that the world around us does not offer. 

One of the ways to inculcate such calmness into your mind is through sound therapy. 

The basic idea of sound therapy is that it is a form of sensory therapy that works in a similar way to a massage, sounds sending vibrations to your mind in a way that helps heal and relax your thoughts. This form of sensory therapy is a part of Mindfulness, which has been practised by numerous cultures for centuries. 

Sound therapy, in a broader term, consists of specific therapies like music therapy where guided therapy can be practised to alleviate stress and enhance cognitive functions of the brain. 

Other sound therapies can use various tunes of different vibrations to energize, refresh and heal our minds to face a new day with a clearer perspective. 

Sound therapies can also inculcate the use of different instruments to produce distinct vibrations that can help restore one’s Emotional Well-being as well as physical health by a healing regulation of one’s emotions and thoughts. 

Self-reflection is a very necessary aspect of being in control in times of chaos. The chaos of any kind cannot help one to grow and be at peace, it is only through Mindfulness that one can resolve the tangles of chaos and work towards the things that ensure one a Joyful life. 

Be Mindful of the sound around you. Create a distinction between the things you internalise and the things that you simply hear.